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 Blood Ruby System

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PostSubject: Blood Ruby System   Blood Ruby System Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2007 6:07 pm

Here's how you can earn Blood Rubies from the different worlds. Blood Rubies are only available in worlds that have more Genus than Humans and worlds that have to do with darkness, such as Grayvale and Tyesuc. You may also win them in the various tournaments. Amount received is based on 2 dice rolls

Dark Genus:
Low level{number of dice altogether}(Black Primate and Dusk Tiger)= 2-12 Blood Rubies randomly

Mid level{number of dice x2}(Shadow Wolf, Night Wing, and Grim Leo)= 4-24 Blood Rubies randomly

Above average{number of dice x3}(Ursa Necross, Dark Panther, and Black Scarab)= 6-36 Blood Rubies randomly

High level{number on dice altogether x100}(Chameleos, Hydrix, and De-dawned Mole)= 200-1200 Blood Rubies randomly

Manticore, Griffin, Chimera{number on dice altogether x5}= 10-60 Blood Rubies randomly

Basilisk, Cockatrice, Gorgon{number on dice altogether x10}= 20-120 Blood Rubies randomly

Cerberus and Roc{number on dice altogether x20}= 40-240 Blood Rubies randomly

Kraken and Leviathan{number on dice altogether x100}= 200-1200 Blood Rubies randomly

One one one- 1500 Blood Rubies
Doubles- 4000 Blood Rubies to each member
Team battles- 5000 Blood Rubies to each member
Battle Royale- 10000 Blood Rubies
Bounty Hunter- Amount varies on creature's level
World Gauntlet- 7500 Blood Rubies to each member
Tribe Wars- 20000 Blood Rubies to the winning tribe. Tribe Leader divides winnings of their own accord
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Blood Ruby System
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