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 Vlad Faustus

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PostSubject: Vlad Faustus   Vlad Faustus Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 2:25 pm

Name: Vlad Faustus

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Home World: Jelduno

Primary Morph: Weredragon

Race: Genus

Appearance: Vlad wears middle class battle garbs and arm guards that cover his forearms. He has white hair that spikes up and outward, and cat-like yellow eyes. He usually carries a large sword

Personality: A somewhat silent individual. He used to be a very secretive and kept to himself, but experiences he's had over the years have made him very sociable.

Weapons: Katana, Broad Swords, Long Swords

Fighting Style: Quick and lethal, often attacks before the opponent even knows what's going on

Affinities: Well trained in the way of the swordsman, has incredible telekinetic abilities

Weaknesses: Too trusting of others, often does not wait before exposing his nice side to others. His silence is sometimes mistaken for weakness.

History: Vlad was born in North Point, and was therefore practically raised in and around the town's arena. He and his parents would go almost everyday to see the numerous matches and tournaments held there. Around the age of 12, Vlad decided that he would one day compete in one of the matches. Some time after that, he and his parents visited Jelduno, and Vlad got his first look at the city's near legendary army. Seeing that their son had developed an interest in military and fighting, they decided to move to Jelduno. After moving, not shortly after his 13th birthday, Vlad immediately went to sign up for the army. When the recruiting officer laughed at him, Vlad grew angry. It was then that Vlad found out that he was a Genus, having changed into the weredragon form. The recruiting officer was impressed by his abilities and allowed him to join, making Vlad the youngest member of Jelduno's army. Over the years, Vlad quickly became a legend himself, becoming one of the greatest members of their army. After his 23rd birthday, Vlad returned to North Point and, as expected, competed and won the tournament. When he returned to Jelduno to tell the news to his parents, he was informed that they had been attacked by a group of Dark Genus during a trip to Aerris and were currently being cared for at the army headquarters. Vlad immediately set out to find the ones responsible for attacking his parents.

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Vlad Faustus
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