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 Ruka ~The Icy Twin Blader~

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PostSubject: Ruka ~The Icy Twin Blader~   Ruka ~The Icy Twin Blader~ Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2007 7:37 am




Spells and Skills:


Gene Sync:
  • ...No Current Gene Sync...

Primal Strikes:

Bestial Spirits:
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Tribal Edges:

Beni's Comment about Ruka: "He is a very shy and silent guy. But when the both of you don't like the same meaning, then he'll get angry. But I'm glad we have Flanery in the party. She can stop him from being Angry to others! Well Ruka doesn't want to tell everything. He also got a particular secret Obsession..."

Flanery's Comment about Ruka: "Why should I give a Comment to boys? Sheesh! Well... Ruka is a cute boy and so on. He is rather the most Timid boy I've ever seen. But he isn't a coward. His Courage is stronger than everyone elses. If he would die, then he doesn't really care. Because nobody cares about him. But me and Beni do care for him!"

Ookami's Comment about Ruka: "Ruka is a good kid. When I first met him he showed no fear to my guards as they attacked him so that I may get the warriors to revile themselves. Ruka is also a sweet kid and seems like he isn't that tempered. I will watch over him the best I can for what he is. We are related by blood so I call this boy my brother. That being said you mess with him you can bet you are going to mess with me."

If you would like to give a Comment about me then send your Comment as a PM to me. Then I will put it up here.
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Ruka ~The Icy Twin Blader~
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