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 Dark Genus List

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PostSubject: Dark Genus List   Dark Genus List Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 5:51 pm

Here is a list of Dark Genus that you can encounter. They have discarded the ability to change back and forth and thus have chosen to remain in animal form:

Dark Genus List DarkBeastBlack Primate: A dark-furred ape that resides in areas with lots of trees and plant life. It is most seen in Entvine Forest and the forest surrounding Grayvale. They move stealthily through the trees, waiting for an unsuspecting victim.
Dark Genus List Shenlo12Dusk Tiger: A grey and black tiger that stalks the outskirts of Senai'Ka and Tyesuc. Be wary when you come in contact with them, as they are quite deadly.
Dark Genus List Wolf10Shadow Wolf: A dark wolf that trained with the Jeldunian army before turning away from humanity. They have since been seen in many worlds causing all kinds of mischief.
Dark Genus List Wereba10Night Wing: A dark bat that has been seen in the skies around Grayvale, Tyesuc, Barabas Castle, and Bloodfang Palace. They like to swoop down on their prey then carry them off into the darkness to feast.
Dark Genus List 4e7a10 Grim Leo: A fierce lion that has set up residence near Aerris and in Obsidian Peaks. It is wise not to make a mistake near them, or it could be your last....
Dark Genus List 25ff10 Ursa Necross: A dark and formidable bear that resides in forests, most specifically the cursed forest surrounding Grayvale. It's size and power alone are enough to invoke fear in whoever sees it
Dark Genus List De-laa10Dark Panther: A silent and deadly beast that prowls in heavily forested areas and near Tyesuc. Be careful when confronting them or entering their territory, as they enjoy sneaking up on their prey.
Dark Genus List Stun_i10Black Scarab: A large humanoid beetle that is commonly seen near Senai'Ka and the Ruins of Syn. Do not underestimate them, they are quite deadly when provoked.
Dark Genus List 5e3810Chameleos: A fierce and deadly lizard beast that makes its home in Entvine Forest. Not only do you have to worry about its claws, but you also have to fend off its deadly venom.
Dark Genus List Hh10Hydrix: An aquatic beast that lives in the waters around Mermos Islands, Atlantis, and off the coast of Coria. It is not advised to enter their territory ill-prepared.
Dark Genus List Bakury10De-dawned Mole: An evil Genus that was once came from a royal family. It became fed up with humanity and left, only to be killed. It still roams the worlds, hiding underground and waiting for a hapless victim to pass overhead
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Dark Genus List
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