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PostSubject: Ookami   Ookami Icon_minitimeSat Dec 01, 2007 10:48 am

Name: Ookami

Age: 20

Gender: Famale

Home World: Aisu

Primary Morph: Wolf

Race: Demon

Appearance: Human,
~Head: She has long black hair which she ties up in the back. She lets it drop down her back inside of her jacket so she can easily put up her hood when she wants to. Her eyes are more of a greenish blueish so they change between a bright blue and light green to a bright green to a light blue (this being all about the order you see them in from the outside to the inside) depending on what she wears to blend in. Her ears are pierced, 4 on the right, three on the other, the top two on each side are blue while the bottom two, one for the other ear, are red. The ears are also pointed and furry, like that of a wolves.

~Top: Ookami wears a long sleeve shirts which is tied at the sides with a long silk-like sash. It is a pale dark red color with no real design to it. She wears a black jacket over it which has two semi-long ropes hanging down from the hood and has a red dragon design covering the back. Around her neck she wears a long black chain which she wraps around him twice and another small chain with a silver cross hanging from it. The cross has a blue triangle shaped jewel in the middle where the four arms connect. She wears a silver bracelet on her right wrist and a black one on her left. The silver one has a blue strip running down the center of it and the black one has a red strip running down in its center.

~Bottom: She wears long black jean-like pants which are tattered at the bottom and warn out a little. The shoes she wears have a black converse like look to them but are more flattened and made of lesser material so they are not as good but still protect her feet. She wears two chains around her waist in a X shape that hang down to her knees.

When Ookami transforms into a wold to help her get away from people, she changes into a White wolf. This is no ordinary wolf though mind you. Her entire body changes into that of a wolves, but grows two beautiful, yet power, wings. The wings are feathered like that of an angles, her fur as soft as silk. Don't get to close, for every rose, has its thorns. Her claws are as sharp as daggers, her teeth as sharp as blades. Her eyes in this form remain a solid blue, black surrounds the eye then trails through her face like a tattoo. Three short lines go down her right eye, the pattern goes up through her head then crosses behind it, leading down her back where it makes a dragon-like tribal tattoo on her back. The same tattoo is there when she is a human as well, but thats just there as a side note.

Personality: Cares for almost no one but herself.

Weapons: Claws and teeth.

Fighting Style: Deadly and will kill the target without a second thought.

Affinities: Can look at her surroundings and trap the target, if given the chance to.

Weaknesses: Doesn't care for anyone (especially dragons) but likes to treat her own kind as if they were as grate as gods.

History: Ookami lived with her family in a small tribe, a tribe that was full of demons. These demons were all like her, everyone being able to change into a prime creature, the wolf. Each person had their own spirit with them as well. Every one that is of the same demon as they were could see the spirit as well. This spirit is said to guide them at all times, helping them with hard tasks, helping them in battle. One day, that vary village that the tribe lived in was attacked by creatures that could summon up the power of dragons. The demon wolf tribe was out numbered and out skilled to the dragon people that attacked them. The warriors stayed back, to protect that which was left of the village, everyone one else fled to find safety. Ookami, along with some help from her sister, lead the people fleeing to an area that was safe. Although they did not know the dragons had their scent and were following close behind. While they slept the dragons killed off the weak, leaving only Ookami, her sister and three other of the strong ones. The dragons spared their lives in return for the demon wolf tribes cooperation. The dragons taught the wolf demons how to expand their knowledge of transformation, leaving the gate open to change into mostly anything. The five wolf demons learned how to change into Dragons, aiding them in the battles the Dragons were having with a just as powerful race. The people of this race were able to change into Chimaera's. Ookami had planed out an assault that was full prof. Her plane worked, but still a lot of people had died, two being her friends from the original demon wolf tribe. Ookami, being done with her part in the war, set off in search of other demon wolves out there. Her sister, Casey, followed her, not knowing where else to go or who to turn to. Her quest soon brought the two to another war, one with much different creatures. Creatures looking like large snakes, the others looking like large birds of some kind. Ookami learned from the snakes and soon took on their form, Casey only stayed behind. She once again lead them to victory, getting more clues to the wear abouts of her kind. The Two had been in a few more other battles, Ookami leading them all to a glorious victory. A year later both girls soon find themselves in the midsts of what could be another war, only this one was much bigger. This one was going to include all the great beasts, all fighting to be the ruler of the worlds. The dominate and more proud creature of all. Ookami found that the snakes, serpents, phoenixes, and the Dragons all were in this as well, all searching for her to aid them to victory. She has befriended many of these creatures so she found it hard to pick one. She runs from the fight all together, not wanted to pick which side to help win. Ookami and Casey's story unfolds here, not knowing what to do or where to go. They still searches for their people. If she so ever found them and they happened to be in this war. She promised that she would help them in any way possible, teaching them her secrets so that they would have the best advantage of all.

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