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 Mythos List

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PostSubject: Mythos List   Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:12 pm

Here is a list of Mythos that you can encounter:

The Kraken: A large and formidable beast that lives in the waters around Coria, Mermos Islands, and Atlantis. It cannot be totally defeated, just stopped temporarily. Caution is advised when confronting this gigantic beast.
Manticore: A deadly creature that has made its home in Entvine Forest and in the deeper depths of the Ruins of Syn. It is advised to be wary of both their speed and their poison, even from afar....
The Basilisk: A large and deadly creature that resides deep underground. No one that has confronted a basilisk has actually defeated it, those that have returned to tell about it, that is....
Griffin: A hybrid beast that makes its homes in high altitudes, such as Obsidian Peaks and near Etheria. Though it very rarely comes down except to hunt, caution is advised when confronting one.
Cerberus: A 3-headed demon hound that roams the Hellfire Plains. If you encounter it, be well-equipped. Otherwise, you will surely die....
Chimera: A hybrid beast that likes to make its home in caves and underground. Use caution when you come in contact with them.
Cockatrice: A deadly hybrid that lives deep in the Ruins of Syn. EXTREME caution is advised when confronting this beast as even it's gaze can kill you....
The Roc: A large bird of prey that makes its home in high altitudes. They are very territorial and very deadly, making them a terror to come across
Gorgon: A deadly creature that lives in caves and deep forests. You should proceed with caution against them and NEVER look them in the eyes, unless you want to be turned to stone.....
The Leviathan: A deadly sea creature that lives in the watery depths near Coria, Mermos Islands, and Atlantis. It battles with the Kraken for control of the sea and attacks anything that comes near its territory.
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Mythos List
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